Specific Problems & Questions About
Using Our Altered-State Programs

By Dick Sutphen

* * * * *

Q. I keep falling asleep and I don't wake up until the program is over. Am I still getting the benefit of the mind-programming?

A. You may be receiving some benefit, but when asleep you're unable to participate in the mental movies, mantras and other techniques requiring your involvement. If you're going into a natural sleep you probably won't awaken on the count of five at the end of the CD. If you allow this to continue, you program yourself to go into natural sleep every time you do a session.

If you're awakening on the count of five, but do not remember anything that happened, you're "tripping." Many who work regularly in an altered state quickly become too good a subject and they trip out during the main content of the tapes.


(Applies to all CD/DVD formats)

1. Make yourself less comfortable. Sit up in a straight back chair. It is easier to trip lying down.

2. Next, your pre-session deep breathing may be relaxing you too much. So don't do any deep breathing during the induction. Once you have become conditioned, you may also want to shorten the body relaxation by simply imagining a wave of relaxation moving from your toes to your head. To skip the induction, simply fast-forward the CD past the body relaxation at the beginning of the program.

3. Keep your eyes open for longer and longer periods of the CD before you close them. If there is a count down, don't close your eyes until the second seven count down. With the RX17 series, you imagine yourself relaxing on the beach. Don't close your eyes until this portion of the program is complete (you can imagine with your eyes open).

4. Do your hypnosis work earlier in the day, when you're wide awake and fully alert.

5. To remain alert, some nutritionists suggest you take two 400 IUs of vitamin E combined with two or three tablespoons of honey and a little exercise. This will keep you alert for up to four hours. (Don't use if you've been drinking the night before or it may work in reverse.)

6. Niacinamide (buffered niacin -- vitamin B-3), enlarges the deep-level blood vessels, resulting in more blood to your brain, so you're more alert. Regular niacin enlarges the surface-level blood vessels, which causes a flush and can be distracting. College students often take niacinamide about 10 to 20 minutes before taking a test. The effects last about 30 minutes.

* * * * *

Q. I sometimes feel like I'm swaying back and forth in a swing when I go into an altered state. Can you tell me why?

A. A small percentage of people will occasionally experience the feeling of spinning or swaying -- especially towards the completion of the initial body relaxation and induction. There is nothing to fear. You may be trying to leave your body -- to astral project. But the voice on the CD will keep you grounded. To stop the effect, simply give yourself the strong command: "Stabilize. On the count of three I will stabilize." Then count to three. You're always in control in an altered state.

* * * * *

Q. Can an altered-state session cause a headache?

A. Very rarely someone will awaken with a headache that feels like a tight band around the forehead. Although somewhat uncomfortable, it is not a matter of concern and will usually disappear within 25 minutes. The ache can be the result of anxiety about the altered-state experience, but those involved in metaphysical investigation feel it is the result of "third-eye" activity and indicates the awakening of psychic abilities. Using these explorations often results in an expansion of extrasensory perception even when the subject isn't trying to be psychic.

* * * * *

Q. The CD instructs me to visualize, but I can't seem to do it. I've never been able to visualize. What can I do?

A. People claiming to have this problem usually have an unrealistic idea of what visualization is. When you read a story, if you can perceive mental images of what is happening, you're visualizing. The images are not like a dream or viewing a movie. Few people have the ability to visualize to that degree.

Try this exercise: Close your eyes and "remember" your bathroom at home. Remember the placement of the washbasin, bathtub or shower, toilet, and towel racks. What about the wall color and floor covering. What about the color and texture. Remember everything about your bathroom. Do it now before you proceed.

All right, in "remembering" your bathroom, you were probably visualizing without realizing it. With your inner eyes you were capable of perceiving your bathroom. Sexual fantasy is another example of visualization. When your relive an encounter in your mind, you're visualizing.

If you are truly unable to visualize in any way and it is important to you to develop this ability, use the following technique: Turn on the TV and watch it for two minutes. Then turn it off and attempt to mentally remember everything you've just seen. Repeat the process over and over. Once you can do this successfully, move on to working with a novel. Read a page and then put the book down and attempt to form mental pictures of the scene.

* * * * *

Q. I can't accept the validity of my past-life experience. How do I know if it's true?

A. There is no way that I can tell you if your past-life impressions are valid or not. How could I? I have never experienced a regression that I didn't feel I was making up. But on several occassions, extensive research by myself, other writers and newspaper reporters have proven that what I believed to have made up was accurate and valid.

After years of experiencing past-lives in hypnosis, I tend to trust what I receive, although I wouldn't ever want to bet my life on the validity, without extensive verification.

My book, Past Lives Future Loves (Pocket Books), describes parallel lives, which I accept as valid. As the book explains and diagrams in detail, your lineage of parallel incarnations would quickly spread out like the roots of a tree. You might have hundreds of thousands of lifetimes you could tap into in regression. This being the case, you might draw upon someone glamorous or famous in the past, because they are part of your extensive lineage. My question to you might be, "Why do you suppose you are drawn to the energy of this archetype?"

Of all the incarnations in your lineage, I contend that this time around, you've chosen to work on your karma from a few of those lives. In other words, just a few of your past lifetimes relate to today -- each reflecting something you need to learn.